Learn How Connected Print Offers Retailers the Opportunity to Maximize Consumer Engagement While Gaining ROI

By now, no one doubts that retail business is undergoing the most significant transformation in more than a half century. Some impacts of this transformation are more obvious than others, but it has become abundantly clear that to stay competitive, retailers must do the following: 

  • Create new reasons for consumers to value in-store experiences over online experiences. 

  • Redefine the in-store experience to make it richer and more immersive, enabling seamless physical-digital converged experiences on the consumer's mobile device. 

  • Maximize the ROI of in-store experiences and reduce costs while unlocking new revenue growth opportunities. 

In this paper, you will learn a new concept, called connected print, has emerged that is changing the perception of how retailers can use print in the digital age. Connected print allows retailers to better serve customers with printed output (a QR code or an image) that can be scanned with a customer's mobile device to gain access to more brand and product information and a variety of engaging experiences.

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